Denice C. Mackenie, R.N., C.S.


Services I Provide:

Individual Therapy and Counseling
Marriage, Couples or Relationship Counseling
Adolescent and Family Therapy
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Integrated and holistic - working with the mind, body and spirit.
Compassionate and Caring
Gentle and restorative
Respecting core values, rebuilding new skills
Practice building in between sessions
Respectful and safe

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Ages I work with:

Adults and Elders
Adolescents 12 and older

Languages I speak:


Starting Therapy:

If you are reading this page, you are probably considering counseling, whether for the first time or again. Most importantly, you are most likely wanting a safe and reliable place to start your healing journey.  Remember that this is a season in your life.  It will not last forever.  This may be just the right time to invest in you. If you are ready to do that, I am willing to walk alongside you until you reach your goals.  If you are not sure whether this is the right time to start therapy, feel free to contact me and set up a half hour free appointment, either in person or on the phone, and I can review this with you. See the free consultation tab at the top of this page.

What i offer you:

I am a clinician with over 25 years experience, who will carefully listen to your concerns, plan a course of treatment with you and help you set goals for therapy.  I will guide you with interactive, involved and insightful feedback as you do the work that therapy involves.  I am a board certified and licensed psychotherapist as well as an advanced practice Psychiatric Nurse, certified with the A.N.C.C.  I provide therapy only and do not prescribe medications, but I can educate you in medications and work carefully with your prescriber or refer you to one if needed. You will be able to know the progress you have made as we measure your growth periodically through the treatment plan that we will set up together in the first few sessions. We will both be clear when it is time to end therapy, because you will have reached your goals.

The philosophy of T.L.C. Counseling is to provide truth for lasting change that transforms your life from the inside out, and is not merely new "information".  Change from the inside out requires a different tool set than talk therapy alone. I  believe in treating the whole person, mind, body and spirit.  I do this by addressing cognitive and physical patterns that block you from expressing life, as well as beliefs that are rooted in lies instead of the truth about who you are. With understanding about cutting edge research about the attachment parts of the right brain, derived from recent brain science,  I am able to help you assess and re-train your brain in missing relational skills so central to being able to be your best self, even in the midst of painful emotions.  When soul (thoughts and emotions),  spirit (beliefs about the world, God, ourselves and others)  body (the fight and flight versus the relaxation response as one example) and relational skills are all working in harmony, there is true internal and lasting change that can be measured, seen and felt.  Clients say things such as, “something has just shifted, and I no longer deal with those urges anymore.”  Or, “I feel more whole”, and "I no longer feel anxious and alone when i'm afraid or ashamed."   

The philosophy from which I work is similar to the importance of first cleaning out a wound before putting on healing ointments and band aids.  If we don’t first clean it out, the infection remains, and we are just covering it up with “aids” that help for awhile, but don’t really cure or heal.   By addressing the root symptom in all three parts of our being, mind-body-spirit, we are able to clean out the wound at the deepest level and see healing that truly lasts, so that we can live our lives fully.  I also give homework and teach tools that will help change behaviors and teach new strategies, and find that these are most effective when taught after getting the "root" cleaned out.  The most common reflection I receive about my methods is from people who had tried "traditional" talk therapy, but it did not work for them. They are often at their last attempt for counseling when they come to see me or are referred to me by other therapists, and end up with symptom relief that exceeds their expectations in comparatively less time than their previous counseling. Although some of my approaches are different than what you may see in standard therapy, I always leave it up to the client to decide what they want.  If they want standard psychotherapy or "talk" therapy as some call it, I can provide that for the entire experience, or for just a few sessions.  Although I may make suggestions for each session and for the overall treatment method depending on the diagnosis and assessment, the client is in the drivers seat to choose what they feel the most comfortable with in each session.  

The methods that I use to accomplish these results are described in the “Types of Therapy” section.  Also see “About" section to learn how I approach the therapy session, both located at the very top of this page.


Marital conflict

Marriage and Family

Midlife Crisis / Midlife Transition

Mood Swings / Mood Disturbance

Multicultural Concerns

Obsessions & Compulsions (OCD)

Occult Issues 

Oppositional/Defiant Behavior in Teens

Panic Attacks


Physical Abuse

Post Partum Depression

Post Traumatic Stress / Trauma

Relationships & Marriage

Religious and Spiritual Issues








Sensitivity to Criticism

Sexual Abuse





Trauma related issues

Trust Issues

Values Clarification

Women's Issues

Workplace Issues




Abuse / Abuse Survivor Issues

Academic Concerns


Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions



Anxiety Issues

Attachment Issues

Career Choice

Caregiver Issues / Stress

Christian Concerns

Chronic Pain

Codependency / Dependency

Communication Problems

Creative Blocks


Divorce / Divorce Adjustment

Eating Disorders

Emotional Abuse

Emotional Overwhelm


Family of Origin Issues

Family Problems



Grief, Loss, & Bereavement

Health / Illness / Medical Issues

Helplessness / Victimhood

Identity Issues


Infidelity / Affair Recovery



Life Purpose & Meaning