1. The five most important things I want out of life are:
    2. The main motivation in my life is:
    3. If I could be without fear of failure and had a strong sense of confidence that whatever I tried would succeed, I would try to do the following:
    4. Women are….
    5. Men are…….
    6. I feel most important when:
    7. To me being successful means:
    8. The three nicest compliments I have ever received are:
    9. The most desirable compliment that I would like to be given would be:
    10. To me sex is:
    11. The three people I admire in the world and want to be like are:
    12. The quality or qualities that really attract me to these individuals are:
    13. My biggest dreads, fears, worries and negative thoughts are:
    14. I worry about:
    15. The emotions I felt most often in my childhood home were:
    16. My childhood dream about what I would be “when I grew up” was:
    17. The five things that de-motivate or discourage me most in life are:
    18. I discourage myself most by:
    19. My favorite color, food, sport, movie, book are:
    20. God is